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Seasonal activities available now!

Seasonal activities for all ages are posted now for Spring 2019 with activities for saints, Mary, the Holy Family and more. See each level here!

UNIT 4 Overview for DREs, Principals, Teachers, and Catechists

The editors present an overview of the Unit 4 lessons, beginning with Sunday Gospel for March 17, 2019. They talk about stories, activities, and current event topics in the lessons and offer ideas to help you prepare to present your lessons. View the list of when each level starts here for Seeds, Promise and Good News, and here for Venture and Visions.

Family Catechesis

The Gospel for All Ages offers you prayer services, parish-wide gatherings, and small group discussions — all based on the Sunday Gospel message.

New Resources for Teachers & Catechists

Music by well-known liturgical and catechetical composer John Burland  with each lesson. Other great resources include Activity Books that relate to the Gospel and doctrinal themes (with Imprimatur), video links for each lesson, and lesson and unit assessments.

Back to School Prayers

Start the 2019–2020 with prayer services for catechist training and welcome sessions for elementary and middle-school students. Leader guides and student handouts available.

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