One Fits All—Pacing Plans

Author: Nicholle Check ~ May 22, 2018


Summer is a great time to take a breath and assess the good work you’ve accomplished over the last catechetical year. It’s also time to look ahead and address some of the things you have on your long-range to-do list. For example, have you received requests to deliver faith formation in different formats, including home school, whole family catechesis, or a summer-intensive program? The flexible nature of the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies permits a traditional once-a-week parish program, daily classroom religion classes, and a number of other more specialized formats. The Pflaum editors have created a number of pacing plans that provide models to adapt your use of the Gospel Weeklies to nearly every parish or school group, including military families, special needs, and RCIA. Now is a great time to review the ways you can adapt the Gospel Weeklies to meet the needs of all your children and families.


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