FROM OUR EDITORS—July 15, 2018 – 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Author: Joan McKamey ~ July 3, 2018


If you tend to overpack and are preparing for a trip, seek some counsel from Jesus’ instruction to the Apostles as he sent them out two by two. They were to take only a walking stick, a tunic, and a pair of sandals. No money, no food, no second tunic. Above all that, they took their trust in God’s care for them.

Yes, we may argue, but life was so much simpler back then. Perhaps. And, we might continue, we don’t always know ahead of time what we’ll need, so it’s better to pack more “just in case.” That’s valid.

The message we can take from Jesus’ packing instructions is to carry our faith and trust in God wherever we go. That means making sure a change in location and routine doesn’t cause us to forget our mealtime and bedtime prayers or take a pass on going to Sunday Mass. And maybe there’s someone along the way or at our destination who really needs our witness of kindness that’s grounded in our Christian faith. Be sure that doesn’t get left home in favor of one more pair of shoes “just in case.”

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