SUNDAY’S GOSPEL—November 11, 2018 – 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Author: David Dziena ~ November 6, 2018


Mark 12:38–44

This Sunday’s Gospel is a call for us all to share ourselves with others. The widow gives to the Temple two small coins that are significant to her livelihood. Jesus contrasts that with the showy gifts the rich and learned gave to the Temple treasury. They gave something of their great abundance. The widow gave of herself. We are all called to do the same—to give of ourselves.

Marcos 12, 38–44

El Evangelio de este domingo es un llamado a todos para que compartamos con los demás. La viuda entrega al Templo dos pequeñas monedas que son importante para su sustento. Jesús contrasta esto con los llamativos regalos que los ricos y los letrados entregaron al tesoro del Templo. Ellos dieron algo de su gran abundancia. La viuda dio parte de sí misma. Estamos llamados a hacer lo mismo: a dar de nosotros mismos.

See The Gospel at Home (English, Spanish) for suggested family activities and discussion starters related to this Sunday’s Gospel.


Image credit: Distant Shores Media/Sweet Publishing [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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