Saint John the Baptist

Author: Nicholle Check ~ November 27, 2017

In the Gospel for the Second Sunday of Advent (Mark 1:1–8), John the Baptist prepares us for the coming of the Messiah. Jesus’ cousin plays a big role during Advent—appearing in not one, but two Sunday Gospels. How much do your children know about this “wild” man of the wilderness? Use this fill-in-the-blank biography to […]


Venerable John Paul I: Steps Toward Sainthood

Author: Joan McKamey ~ November 27, 2017

John Paul I served as Pope for only 33 days before his unexpected death in the fall of 1978. Pope Francis has recognized that John Paul I lived the Christian virtues in a heroic way and so declared him “venerable”—a step on the path to being declared an official saint. In his general audience on […]


Saints and Feasts of the Season: Saint Nicholas of Myra (4th Century)

Author: Nicholle Check ~ November 21, 2017

Saint Nicholas was the Bishop of Myra, an ancient seaport city in Lycia (Lysh’uh), an area that is in present-day Turkey. So many legends have been told about Saint Nicholas that some people wonder if he was a real person. But there is evidence that a very real Saint Nicholas participated in the Council of Nicaea. […]


Saints: A Pair of Martins

Author: Nicholle Check ~ October 24, 2017

The Church honors two saints named Martin in early November—Saint Martin de Porres on November 3, and Saint Martin of Tours on November 11. These two Martins are separated by their occupations, the vast Atlantic Ocean, and 1,200 years. What unites them is their unfailing charity. Share the story of Two Saints Named Martin with […]


Family Prayer for All Saints’ Day

Author: Nicholle Check ~ October 24, 2017

The Solemnity of All Saints (All Saints’ Day) on Wednesday, November 1, is a holy day of obligation. While families will attend Mass together, they may also choose to remember the beloved dead in their family with a prayer service at home. Children of all ages can understand that saints are God’s special friends in […]


Saint Charles Borromeo (November 4)

Author: Nicholle Check ~ October 24, 2017

Saint Charles Borromeo packed a lot of living into his 46 years (1538–  1584). Born an aristocrat, he was a bishop and cardinal who gave away his fortune. He had a speech impediment, yet his listeners were inspired by his preaching. He wrote a catechism and organized the final session of the Council of Trent, […]


Catholic Resources

Author: Nicholle Check ~ October 17, 2017

Catechists often seek sources to improve their own knowledge of the Catholic faith and its culture and history. Along with the seasonal activity pages, Pflaum offers four sets of Catholic Resource pages throughout the catechetical year. Use them to boost your understanding of Catholic saints, feasts, prayers, and vocabulary. You may also wish to share […]


Planning Ahead: All Saints’ Day

Author: Nicholle Check ~ October 11, 2017

After the flurry of the first few weeks of class, you may be looking ahead to the Church holidays on the horizon. The Church will celebrate All Saints’ Day on Wednesday, November 1. Pflaum provides free activity pages for All Saints’ Day that are geared for every age. Seeds children will see that saints, like […]


Fatima Anniversary

Author: Nicholle Check ~ October 2, 2017

On October 13, the Church celebrates the 100th anniversary of the final appearance of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal. The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared six times to three shepherd children— siblings Francisco and Jacinta Marto and their older cousin Lúcia de Jesus dos Santos—from May 13 to October 13, 1917. The children said that Mary urged them to pray the Rosary daily for peace […]


A Shepherd Knows His Sheep

Author: Nicholle Check ~ September 20, 2017
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Catholics will gather to celebrate the beatification Mass of the first U.S.-born martyr, Father Stanley Rother, in Oklahoma City this Saturday, September 23. Father Rother lived and worked at the Santiago Atitlan mission in Guatemala for 13 years. Though he himself struggled in Latin classes while at seminary, Rother worked to translate catechetical materials into the native […]




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