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October 8, 201727th Sunday in Ordinary TimeHow Am I Responsible?Check the tasks that you are responsible for doing on a regular basis. Then go through and circle the ones that you are good at.mSing in choirmRead at Massm UshermHelp raise money mBe an altar server mListen to the readings m Go to Mass on SundaysmMow the lawn mCare for pets mStart dinner mWash dishes m Vacuum mDo laundrymVisit/call my grandparents mSay thank youm Babysitm VolunteermHelp my parents mSay hello to neighbors mOpen doorsm Do homeworkm Do my part on projects m Pay attentionm Keep my locker clean m Take care of booksm Share ideasm RecyclePFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramPeopleChurchSchoolHomeistock photoistock photo

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