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Believe16. Resurrection and New LifeDeath separates the soul from the body, but in the resurrection the soul will be reunited with the body. Just as Jesus is risen and lives forever, so everyone will rise at the last day. Everyone will receive his or her reward or punishment at the moment of death in a judgment by Christ.Those who die in God’s grace and friendship but are still not perfect enough to enter God’s presence are assured of eternal salvation, but will need to undergo some puri cation after death. This time of puri cation is called Purgatory.By virtue of the Communion of Saints— the bond that connects all her members, living and dead—the Church asks for God’s mercy on the dead and o ers prayers for them, especially the holy sacri ce of the Mass. At the same time the Church warns people of the sad reality of eternal death, which we also call hell, it also looks forward to the Kingdom of God. This is not a place, but a time when the just will reign with Christ forever, the material universe will be transformed, and God will then be “all in all,” in eternal life.Photo credit: Alessia GIULIANI/CPP/CIRIC2147

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