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2What’s Hardest About Being a Teen Today?At some point, everyone struggles in middle school. Whether it’s friendships or grades, no one knows how to do it exactly right—no matter how con dent some kids may seem.Some kids grow tall fast, while other kids worry or wonder when they will start to change.Your responsibilities and pressures are starting to increase—from parents, teachers, coaches, friends, and even from within.Friends may start to split off into different groups— sometimes just because they start to form new interests; other times, friendships may end with hurt feelings and misunderstanding.Visions asked seventh graders from St. Benedict Catholic Church in Johns Creek, Georgia, to identify the biggest challenges and struggles teenagers face today.Being yourselfThe hardest thing is being your own person and not following everyone else. You have to be your ownleader, or no one will really want to hang out with you. MadisonStaying true to yourselfSometimes it is easy to get tempted to do stuff and change yourself to make people like you. You really have to  nd good friends that will stick with you through everything. AlmaBalance I balance baseball, school, church, friends, and schoolwork. We have so much pressure to learn and study that I don’t feel I can grow up at my pace. We have so much pressure to try and  t in with others. KylerFinding free time It’s hard to have all your work done, but still have free time left over to do what you want to do. You get more school work, homework, and responsibilities. It gets harder to  nd time to do what releases your stress or makes you happy. IvanExpectations Keeping up with all of the great expectations parents and teachers set is very overwhelming and stressful. Open up to a friend or family member. Theycan give you advice or help you deal with expectations. The best way is to pray. God will always help. TomSchool I have good grades, and it is hard to maintain them. Teachers push you hard. Then there are social things, friends, and trends. CharlieJudgment People care too much about how others think of them. Judgment plays a big role in daily life because people want to look the best, bethe most popular, and have all of the things that are trending. Riley

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