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Schoolwork Homework and tests! At school, teachers put pressure to get good grades and do well on tests. Other students may be mean because some people do better than others at school. EmmaHomework I have a lot more homework than in elementary school. It justkeeps coming. I also struggle with staying organized. Teensalso struggle with friends sometimes— ndingfriends or just the right friends. AlexaPeer pressure Some- times my peers tell me to do things I know God wouldn’t approve of. It’s hard to make your own choices and not be forced into one. DavidBusy schedules Wetry to cram in as much as wecan. We forget that we needtime to ourselves and timeto spend with our family andfriends. We really need tostop cramming in things todo, and spend more time thinking. MaxDrugs and alcohol “” People are going to pressure you to do stuff. Theylook like they don’t care and they are havingfun while they do it, but they know it’s wrong. IfTALk TLAksomeone ask wants you to do drugs, say no! LuisTechnology In the 20th century, technology was not as advanced as it is today. Schoolwork was more laid back. Now we have more stress and worry about schoolbecause of technology. Hope1 Which of the responses speaks most to your experience?8 P ’s to Resist Peer PressurePMany of the challenging things about being a teen today have something to do with peer pressure. Peer pressure can be extremely powerful and hard to resist—but not impossible. When you’re feeling negative peer pressure, try one or more of the following:lPPlan ahead. It helps to know where you stand on issues before you encounter them, so think about and discuss “pressure” issues: drugs, sexuality, cheating, friends, faith.lPPay attention to your feelings and beliefs about what is right and wrong. If it feels wrong, it probably is.l Pass up people and situations that put pressure on Pyou.l Present an alternative. “Let’s skip that party andlPProhibit and proceed. Say, “No!” Then go.lPPut the blame on your folks. Use a parent or guardian as an out: “My dad will ground me if I smoke.”lPPartner up. Get help from a friend with similar values. Usually all it takes to stand your ground on what you know is right is for one other peer to join you.lPPray of course, at all times, but de nitely when you need help to make a good decision. Prayer can calm your mind and heart and guide you.Phang out at my house instead.”2 What’s hardest about being responsible for you?3 Who or what helps you deal with the pressures you feel?4 How can you help your friends and peers deal with the pressures they may feel?3

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