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A Parable Helps Us JSee Ourselvesesus often tells parables as his Jesus tells the parable of the way of teaching. A parable is tenants near the end of Matthew,re ect our choices for ourselves. Just as we can  x our hair when we see it messy in a mirror, so we can  x our choices when we see them and examine them in the context of a parable.By using parables, Jesus gets people involved in his teaching. He gives listeners a story sothey can make a judgment for themselves. A parable leaves the door open for people to see ways to change.The priests and elders think they have made a judgment about the tenants in the parable, but the parable is really about them. In judging the people in the parable, they have judged themselves. What harvest have they produced for God, the owner of the vineyard?a literary genre, a short symbolic story that invites an interpretation. Parables draw on everyday life. Jesus has told parables with the same symbolic setting, a vineyard, for three Sundays.Vineyards require work. The prophet Isaiah has a song about a vineyard that describes how the vine grower digs the soil, clears it of stones, plants vines, builds a watchtower, and hews out a winepress. Isaiah’s song is Sunday’s First Reading.Find and read Isaiah 5:1–7.Jesus echoes the prophet’s song when he describes the owner’s work in the vineyard before renting it. The owner plantsand protects the vines. Isaiah’s song reveals the symbolism ofthe vineyard—“The vineyard of the Lord of hosts is the house of Israel” (5:7). The vines stand for the people of God. Caring for the vines can be compared to God’s care for his people.chapter 21. This chapter begins with Jesus coming to Jerusalem, the event the Church celebrates on Palm Sunday. Immediately, Jesus cleanses the Temple, chasing out the money changers and dove sellers and caring for the blind and lame who come to him.The next day, the chief priests and elders who are the leaders of the people, confront Jesus. They want to know by whose authority he does these things. (Leaders will also challenge Jesus about healing those who are sick and af icted on the Sabbath.) Jesus answers their challenges with three parables. An owner pays the last workers hired the same as the  rst; a son says yes to helping in his father’s vineyard but doesn’t; tenants refuse to share the harvestand murder the owner’sservants and son.arables work likemirrors. Our choices for the people in a parablePSABBATH The seventh day, a dayof rest, restoration, and thanksgiving dedicated to God. The Third Commandment calls us to keep the sabbath day holy.What do the chief priests and elders think the owner should do to the renters? ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________What does their judgment suggest they should change?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What about us today? How are we like renters on Earth?                      ________________________________________________________                      ________________________________________________________What harvest do we owe the owner of the vineyard, our Heavenly Father?                _______________________________________________________________                _______________________________________________________________5Our CatholicFAI HCatholicFAITH WORD

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